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Taking the role too far by animechick247
Taking the role too far
It's been a while since I've done a Mae and Legolas drawing so I thought I would do one. Mae and Legolas are from LinVolturi's Hobbit fanfiction 'The Widowed'. Mae is Legolas's younger step sister who he adores unconditionaly and will do anything to make sure she's safe..including people who wish to court her. And acting liek any older brother, he threatens anyone who tries to take his sister away from him. Lindir was unfortunate enough to face Legolas's wrath and was lucky that he was only pinned to the wall. Mae gets ticked off with her brother's antics but Legolas feels like he's just doing his job as an older brother. 

I don't own anyone this this picture. Mae belongs to LinVoltrui while Legolas and Lindir belong to Tolkien.

Please tell me what you think! 

Come see my world by animechick247
Come see my world
Here's another piece for LinVolturi only this time for her Hobbit Story 'Ghost of a Rose'.

Atalie lives within nature and tends to be more in tune with animals than with other people. Thranduil rules Mirkwood forest but hasn't really stepped out of his kingdom since he's become King. With politics and ruling a kingdom clouding his mind, he tends to forget his origins and what he's trying to protect. Who knew that by meeting Beorn's daughter would remind him of a world that he has been trying to protect for centuries.

I don't own anyone in this picture. Atalie belongs to LinVolturi while Thranduil belongs to Tolkien.

Please tell me what you think!

Mama and Papa Are Here by animechick247
Mama and Papa Are Here
Here's an artpiece for LinVolturi's Hobbit story, 'The Widowed'. Ellis is the son of Thranduil and Lena. Even though he isn't Thranduil's biological son, he still views him as his father. It goes as far that if he's having nightmares at night, he can stay with his parents at night and not have to worry about his dreams haunting him. 

I don't own anyone in this picture. Lena and Ellis belong to LinVolturi while Thranduil belongs to Tolkien. 

Please tell me what you think!

Atalie by animechick247
Heres a fanart piece for LinVolturi's Hobbit story 'Ghost of a Rose'. Atalie is the adopted daughter of Beorn. Like him, she loves animals and feels more in tune with nature than most humans. She's never seen anotherlivingbeingbesideherfather but that all changed when she accidentally stumbled into Thranduil's realm. Now she must work off for a deal she made with him all the while making sure she doesn't fall for him.

I don't own Atalie, she belongs to LinVolturi.

Please tell me what you  think!

Lan Chi, Fire Nations greatest threat by animechick247
Lan Chi, Fire Nations greatest threat
Hello everyone!

Here's a fanart piece for Sea-Dilemma's avatar fanfiction 'The Spirit Within'. Lan Chi is probably one of the greatest threats to Fire Lord Ozai and the Fire Nation. Born to a Fire Nation father and Water Tribe Mother, she is the living example of Fire Nation Taboo. She's able to Water-Bend, something that the Fire Nation despises and knows every single bit of the Military and all of Ozai's secrets that will put the nation in harm if she were to give it to Ba Sing Se. She loves Zuko dearly and will stop at nothing to keep him safe and bring him back home...even if it means going behind his back and selling Fire Nation Secrets to the Earth Kingdom.  

Lan could be one of the keys that will help the Avatar stop the Hundred Year War, but the only war she wants to stop is the one raging inside of her heart.

This is what I thought Lan's outfit might look like during the Sozin's Comet arc. And being part Fire Nation I thought it would be cool if she was able to bend oil which gives her the chance to control Fire for a little bit. I know that's probably not possible but if Toph can learn how to bend metal and Katara can bend blood, why not?

I don't own Lan Chi, she belongs to Sea-Dilemma and her awesome story. I recommend reading it if you like reading Zuko/Oc's stories.

Please tell me what you think!
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Hey everyone! Sorry for the very late delay in the contest deadline. It's been a mixture of computer crashing on me and starting school up again. Since I'm finally back, that means that I'll be picking the winner of the contest very soon. First place with get a fanart piece while second and third place will get chapter dedications.

So for those of you who entered the contest, keep an eye out to see if you won!

Thank you again for joining the contest! I'll try to get another one up soon!


Kristin Wise
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