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Tora by animechick247
This is a fanart piece for Sukki18's Naruto story 'Trapeze'. Tora is a medical ninja from Konoha. She used to be an acrobat who performed in the streets and has very distinctive scars on her face giving her the hated nickname of the 'Tiger demon'. Despite living a tough life, she's proven to everyone that she has a will of steel and a heart of gold and won't let what anyone say get to her. Her love interest is Itachi Uchiha and all of their friends like to tease her about it. Despite getting teased she knows her friends love her and if they can see past her looks then they're loyal friends to the end.

I don't own Tora, she belongs to Sukki18. If you're looking for a funny Naruto story, I would recommend reading 'Trapeze' and its prequel 'Acrobat'.

Please review and tell me what you think!
Legolas the babysitter part 1 by animechick247
Legolas the babysitter part 1
Hello! It's been a while since I did a Fanart piece  for LinVolturi so I decided to some more.
Orochimaru and Melanie by animechick247
Orochimaru and Melanie
This is just a rough idea of a naruto x Harry Potter crossover story that features Orochimaru. Tell me what you all think of that idea.
Taking the role too far by animechick247
Taking the role too far
It's been a while since I've done a Mae and Legolas drawing so I thought I would do one. Mae and Legolas are from LinVolturi's Hobbit fanfiction 'The Widowed'. Mae is Legolas's younger step sister who he adores unconditionaly and will do anything to make sure she's safe..including people who wish to court her. And acting liek any older brother, he threatens anyone who tries to take his sister away from him. Lindir was unfortunate enough to face Legolas's wrath and was lucky that he was only pinned to the wall. Mae gets ticked off with her brother's antics but Legolas feels like he's just doing his job as an older brother. 

I don't own anyone this this picture. Mae belongs to LinVoltrui while Legolas and Lindir belong to Tolkien.

Please tell me what you think! 

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the very late delay in the contest deadline. It's been a mixture of computer crashing on me and starting school up again. Since I'm finally back, that means that I'll be picking the winner of the contest very soon. First place with get a fanart piece while second and third place will get chapter dedications.

So for those of you who entered the contest, keep an eye out to see if you won!

Thank you again for joining the contest! I'll try to get another one up soon!


Kristin Wise
United States
Current Residence: Illinois
Favourite style of art: Drawing with pencil
Favourite cartoon character: Riku, Cloud, Squall, Vincent Valentine, Sephiroth
Personal Quote: I've come too far to quit now

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and by the way, i am really am a fan of your stories and i love all of them
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